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David McLauchlan - Corporate and Educational Video & Community TV Production

I am a Producer, Director, and Editor of cost effectively produced Corporate and Educational Videos, and Community Television Programs, including the filming of Seminars, Lectures and other events.

I have a variety of experience as a video editor using both analog and digital video editing equipment, and a comprehensive knowledge of producing Videos gained from my background in Radio Broadcasting and the Audio Visual Industry, as well as my freelance corporate video production work and my involvement with community TV.

Diversity Media primarily focuses on small scale one person budget priced productions such as short corporate, promotional, and educational videos, and on Community Television Programs, but is quite capable of doing larger more complicated productions.

Currently I am responsible for the production of two programs on Channel 31 Melbourne - "Spirit of Life" and "Harmony in Diversity", as well as several past programs, including, "Support Life", "Nat Chat" and "Red Lobster".

Examples of my work can be found on my Video Page

Go to my Charges Guidelines Page to get an indication of how much I charge.

Lecture and Special Event Filming

A large part of my work has been the filming of Lectures, Seminars and other Special Events, most recently the Communities in Control Conference., and in the past for RMIT University.

These have included material encoded for use on the web as well as for distribution on DVD

Most of these productions are filmed with one camera at the actual Lecture or Seminar and then simple titles are added later and DVD's produced of the finished product.

This is the simplest and most cost effective way of producing a video of a Lecture or Seminar and is usually more than adequate for the purposes of making lectures and Seminars available to people who are unable to attend them for reasons of distance or availability, and for keeping records of events for internal department use.

Corporate Videos

Corporate productions I have done in the past include three short corporate videos for a Ballarat company, Brimarco Industries, a video about handling bananas for La Manna Bananas, a series of short in-store promotional videos on DVD, for a non-profit organization, the HeartHelp Oldies group, and an Educational DVD for the ConnectED Homelessness Video Project.

Here are some streaming media files of two of the Brimarco Videos.

Community Television Production

I have also produced or assisted in the production of many community TV programs on Melbourne's Channel 31, and I am a member of one of the full member production groups of Channel 31, Northern Access Television.

Three programs I currently have on air on Melbourne Community Television. are: Spirit of Life and Harmony in Diversity

Support Life Web SiteSpirit of Life Web SiteHarmony in Diversity Web Site

Nat Chat Web Page



I also assist in the production of The KO Boxing Show

KO Boxing You Tube Channel

I have also, up until a few years ago, had the Poetry Program Red Lobster on C31.

Red Lobster Web Site

Other Community Television programs I have worked on in the past have included Northern Community News, Nat Chat, Visions, The Garden Tap, Truck Talk, The Spot to Be, Theatre Royal, Your Nighttime Dreams, Way to Freedom, and Dollars with Sense.

Channel 31 Sponsor Announcements

As another example of some of my past work here are some Sponsorship Announcements and CSA's I produced for Channel 31 Melbourne.

These are also Windows Streaming Media files:

"Design Repertoire" Sponsorship Announcement.
"Drummers Paradise" Sponsorship Announcement.
"Riding for the disabled" CSA.
"Metro Sewing Center" Sponsorship Announcement.
"Laundry Solutions" Sponsorship Announcement.

Web and Multi-Media Skills

I have also developed skills in producing WEB pages and can include some WEB site and Multi media productions among the projects I can produce.

I have been using Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop and MS Word to produce this site.

For more gereral information about me see my

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